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One-Over-One Socialization Rack

 Catalog #51652  -  pairs with fixed pen

  • Half Plastic Floor and Half Wire Mesh with Half 1” Deep Waste Pan.

  • Perches – one at Veranda Height and one mid height. 

  • Perches are removable and are half plastic and half metal bars.

  • Floor Stoppers provided behind each Rack to be mounted to floor to prevent hitting wall.

  • Opening in Squeeze Back Panel for Drinking Valve is minimal to prevent animals from sticking their heads and limbs into opening.

  • Waterlines located at rear of rack.  (2) Separate Waterlines – one labeled for Top Cage and one labeled for Bottom Cage.  Disconnect located at front side of Cage.

  • A Quick Disconnect protector tube with padlock tabs provided to prevent animals from disconnecting the waterlines above cages.

  • Padlock Tabs provided.

  • Cage Doors removable.

  • Foraging Board without Mesh – just a tray.

  • Squeeze Latches – wide and facing front to better protect Latches and provide easier operation.

  • Single Handed Cage Door operation when opening.

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