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Collapsible Swine Pen Catalog #47454

  • All 304 Stainless Steel construction.

  • 36 Square Feet of interior floor space.

  • Size of Pens to be determined.  Both size of Pens will be designed to Pair together.

  • Sizes of Units will vary depending on square footage.  Same depths, different widths.

  • Main Frame components constructed of SS 1-1/2’ X 1-1/2’ Box Tube.

  • Unit is supported on 5” Stainless Steel Casters.

  • Unit has lower height walls to reach into Pen at approximately 36”-40” tall.  

  • Unit can easily collapse for transport and storage.

  • Units will pair with other like pen units, pairing mechanism provided.

  • Rear Wall Panels have vertical rods on ~2” Centers.

  • The front of the cage has 3/8” diameter vertical rods on ~2” centers.

  • Large Removable SS “J” Style Feed Box can be provided.

  • Water System provided with QD and Drain located on the inside rear center of Unit.

  • Horizontal Sliding Side Wall Panels provided to allow pairing to neighboring Pen.

  • Sliding Walls on both sides of Pen with secure latch provided.

  • Sliding Side Wall Panels to have vertical rods on ~2” Centers.

  • Sliding Walls glide on UHMW Plastic Wheels within a carriage channel frame.

  • The removable floor grate sections are Aqua Grate Pedestrian Grating #T1210.

  • Collapsible Floors will have exterior arms to help fold and un-fold Pen from outside Pen.

  • All joints full welded.

  • Units are Bead Blasted to a Matte Finish.

  • Custom Features can be added to best suit your needs.


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