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Recovery Tower & Cages

Catalog #35725


All Stainless Steel Construction


The tower consists of a rolling rack frame on locking casters with adjustable mounts for two detachable cages.


The adjustable mounts allow each cage to be positioned to interface with the cage door openings.


The cage consists of a Stainless Steel wire front, with a solid divider on each side that slide on UHMW guides. There is a small guillotine door on the cage for animal handling and a squeeze back.


Adjusting the position of the cages is easily done by manually turning a hand wheel that activates an Acme screw shaft. The screw shaft allows the cage approx. 11-1/2" of travel up and down.


The divider sections of the cage can interface with any cage regardless of door height.


Not Shown: Removable Waste Pans

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