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Vertical Tunnel Catalog #43398

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  • Tunnel frame made with Stainless Steel 1” Box Tubing.

  • Custom Designed to fit Various Racks already in use.

  • Custom designed for use with Larger Animals.

  • Approximate size of Tunnels is 20” wide x 20” Deep x 81-1/2” tall.

  • Supported on 4 – 5” diameter casters, two with Locking Brakes.

  • A removable waste pan is on the caster base frame.

  • Oversized Caster Base Frame made with 1-1/2” SS Box Tubing to prevent tipping.

  • Tunnel openings to cages will be custom sized to fit various Racks, and to provide a bigger animal door area for the larger animals.  Snouts are adjustable up and down.

  • Overall Height will approximately match height of previous Racks already in service.

  • The width and depth of unit will be approximately 20” square to comfortably fit cage doors.

  • Vertical Tunnel can be divided into Upper and Lower compartments.

  • Each compartment can accommodate a removable Waste Pan/Foraging Tray.

  • Each removable Waste Pan area has a compartment door and secure latch.

  • One wire “snout” per cage door will have removable divider panels to open and close area.

  • Lexan Dividers are provided with handle and can be opened to the left and the right

  • All walls of Tunnel are 1” x 3” SS Welded Wire Panels.

  • A Handle Bar is provided for maneuvering tunnel.

  • Latching mechanism to attach tunnel to Caging Units provided.

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