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Catalog # 41507

Constructed of all #304 stainless steel and aluminum this custom restraint cage also features removable clear lexan walls. The lexan walls help to fully enclose the cage without obstructing the interior view. If a fully enclosed cage is not necessary the wall panels are easily unbolted for removal. The restraint wall is comprised of 3/8” diameter rod with 2-1/2” between rods and is operated by a crank handle located on the exterior front of the cage. A bearing system along with an Acme “speedy” screw shaft allows for smooth and effortless operation of the restraint wall. Top of the cage is solid to contain the animal while both end walls are made of 1” x 1” wire mesh removable guillotine doors; guillotine doors can be securely locked into place.


  • Overall dimensions: 22” wide x 31” long x 39” tall

  • Securely attaches to existing lift stand

  • Removable sloping waste pan

  • Transport Handle

  • Autoclavable




Restraint Cage

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