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  • Stainless Steel Construction.  Approx. weight is ~ 18pds.

  • Overall Dimensions 12” wide x 21” long x 14” tall.

  • 1” x 1” SS Welded Wire Panels provide Ventilationon both sides and on top.

  • SS Squeeze Panel with handle provided. 

  • Squeeze Door Panel will glide on SS Tubes down length of Box.

  • Guide Tubes on Squeeze will have plastic bearing to glide on SS Rods.

  • Handle provided to carry Transfer Box.

  • Playboard OR Stainless Steel Guillotine Doors at one end of Transfer Box.

  • Door slides in UHMW Plastic Channel Guides.

  • Stainless Steel Latch provided to secure Door.

  • UHMW Plastic Channels on bottom of each end of Transfer Box - These help steady the Transfer Box on the cage (if cage is equipped with a rod support)

Transfer Squeeze Box

Catalog #47345

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