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  • Stainless Construction. Custom designed to fit with Fixed Pens.

  • Overall Length to fit along front of a section of Pen.  To be determined during design.

  • 6.0 Square Feet Cages to be used.

  • Divided into 2 separate cages with dividers.

  • Cages will have Squeeze Backs with adjustable latching rods when pulled forward.

  • Connecting side snouts to jump animals into cages.

  • Side Snouts will have slide doors to open and close access to cage/Pen.

  • Linear Rod Perching in each cage.

  • Card Holders provided like all previous cages.

  • Water Bottle Holders will be used.  Included in price.

  • Each Cage contains a Horizontal Sliding Animal Door and Transfer Box Rod.

  • Dividers between each cage. (2 provided)

  • Cages elevated off the ground so cages are at comfortable working height with Pen Doors.

  • Pad Lock Assembly included on all cage doors.

  • Horizontal Cage Doors provided.

  • Add Lexan Plastic Panels to Tops of Cages to prevent animals reaching into Cages.

  • Caster Base Frame designed to provide stability and prevent tipping.

  • Supported on SS Casters with heavy duty locks.

  • A mechanism to attach Cage Unit to Pens provided. (for stability)

  • Bead Blasted to a matte finish.


Two-Over-Two Unit Catalog #50904

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