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Oil Spill Response Kit


Center Holding Module Catalog # 42629

Large Crate Catalog # 42264

Medium Crate Catalog # 42265

The Oil spill response kit is ground breaking; designed to withstand harsh conditions on the Alaska North Slope and safely house various sized polar bears. The enclosed center holding module is fully collapsible and is constructed of all #304 stainless steel. Measuring 12’ wide x 12’ long x 94” tall the module is easily collapsed to a mere 22” wide. The collapsible feature allows the module to be easily stored and transported in a shipping container alongside the large and medium transport crates. Both crates are supported by sleds to improve maneuverability through the snow. Transport crates are constructed of aluminum. The crates are intended to recover polar bears from the wild that have been affected by hazardous conditions and deliver them to the module for rehabilitation. Guillotine doors on the transport crates allow them to be set flush against animal doors of the module and be secured using heavy duty ratchet straps. This unit is a customizable size, and can be designed to suit various needs. Pairing a module with other like units is also a possibility that will dramatically increase the amount of floor space.

  • 144 Square Feet of interior floor space

  • Two animal and one man door with positive spring back locks

  • Heavy duty gas shocks provide assistance when collapsing or expanding

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