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Custom Wire, Panels, Etc.

Catalog #46915 - Chimp area


  • SS 3/8" Diameter Woven/Crimped Wire Panels and Welded Wire of same size

  • SS Wire Panels are in a 2" x 2" Configuration

  • Ladders allow Zoo staff access to sides and top of enclosures.

  • Customization available to accomodate specific needs.

  • The wire and ladder to the left were completed for the chimp area at a local zoo.

Catalog #50760 - Elephant area


  • SS 3/8” Diameter Woven/Crimped Wire Panels AND Welded Wire of same size.

  • SS Wire Panels are in a 2” x 2” Configuration.

  • 3/8” Dia. SS Perimeter Rod provided to close off raw ends of the wire panel.

  • (2) Wire Mesh Panels ~18” Wide x 48” Long.

  • C2SI to deliver and installation of SS Panels to the Oregon Zoo.

  • C2SI and Oregon Zoo staff will coordinate installation of the new panels.

  • C2SI to cut windows into existing galvanized panel for new Wire Panels.

  • Includes Installation at Zoo location.

  • The wire panel to the right was completed for an elephant enclosure area at a local zoo.

Catalog #50632 - Tiger area


  • The wire panel to the left was added to the tiger area at a local zoo. The original bar design allowed the tigers to reach through and grab at the zookeepers when they would enter. Our new panel design/installation eliminates that scenario.

  • All Stainless-Steel Construction.

  • All wire Panels are made with ¼” Diameter SS Rod.

  • Customized to fit existing openings

  • Delivery and Installation Included. 

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