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Elephant Door Modification

Catalog #46894


  • Design ½” Vertical Stainless Channels to replace one side of each Elephant Door.

  • 304 Stainless Steel materials and fasteners to be used.

  • All SS Sheet plates will be eliminated of sharp edges.

  • Approximate overall size of Channels are ~4-1/2” wide 3-1/2” deep x 162.5” long.

  • Install on one side of door and install on the other door on opposite side.  This will create a barrier when doors are shut from Elephant parts and air moving through.

  • Lower portion of both doors on outside wall will need new SS Plates.

  • Lower Plates are ~29-1/2” long x 7” tall, with various holes for attaching.

  • Use SS Fasteners for all SS Plate installation.  Carriage head bolts ~4-3/4” long.

  • C2SI will source rubber gasket material to replace existing.

  • Additional Rubber Seal flaps to be installed on both doors to create more seal.

  • Install new Stainless Steel flat bar batons to hold rubber seal flaps.

  • Vertical seal retainer installed to hold seal tight to new SS Channels.

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