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Penguin Bridge

Catalog #49042


Specifications – Custom Penguin Bridge:

Drawing #49042R2 pictures shown


  • ½” Gray Seaboard material.  SS Fasteners where needed to anchor bridge.

  • Overall Bridge size is ~18” wide x 144” long.

  • Stainless Steel Base Frame provided using 1” x 2” Box Tube with 1” Dia. Tube Trusses.

  • (3) Separate Seaboard Panels attached in 48” sections.

  • Mounting Holes provided for anchoring fasteners.

  • (4) Countersunk SS 5/16-18 Screws provided to anchor Bridge to exhibit rock formations.

  • (1) SS Angle Ledger to help attach Bridge to exhibit wall.

  • Anchor and shim to existing exhibit rock formation.

  • Customization to fit existing structures available.

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