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Otter Tunnel

Catalog #51606


  • Stainless-Steel Construction.

  • Designed to be used in existing Otter holding area.

  • Size of Tunnel/Door is 10” tall x 26” long.

  • Wire Panel Wall that will attach to existing wire wall of holding area.

  • Removable Vertical Rods along the length of the Door.

  • Removable Rods are ¼” Dia.

  • One Lock Rod provided that retains Vertical Rods when in place.  Lock Tab included.

  • Tunnel Section is stainless-steel rimmed on each end with ¼” Dia. Rod, no sharp edges.

  • A removable piece of PVC tube provided for smaller animals.

  • Stainless Fasteners provided to attach to existing holding area.

  • Size of Unit and Design can be customized to better suit your needs.

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