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The Guillotine door (vertical or horizontal) attaches to the Portable Kennel using the existing door holes.


The door frame is constructed of Stainless Steel, the door is constructed of 3/8" clear Lexan. (other door options are available)


Catalog 46785 Small: up to 15 lbs - 21"L x 16"W x 15"H
Catalog 46798 Med: 25-30 lbs - 28"L x 20.5"W x 21.5"H
Intermediate: 30-50 lbs - 32"L x 22.5"W x 24"H
Large: 50-70 lbs - 36"L x 25"W x 27"H
X-Large: 70-90 lbs - 40"L x 27"W x 30"H
Giant: 90-125 lbs - 48"L x 32"W x 35"H


Guillotine Door for Portable Kennels

Squeeze Handle for Portable Kennels

  • Seaboard Squeeze Panel custom fit to existing Kennel provided by customer.

  • Drill hole in back of Kennel to accept handle for Squeeze Panel.

  • Provide threaded coupling on Squeeze Panel to allow handle to attach securely.

  • Handle is approximately 36” long and 1-1/2” Diameter PVC Pipe.


Guillotine Door also available for Ruff Tuff Kennels

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