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Alcohol Rack-Panels 

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Catalog # 43998

  • Dimensions: 29-5/8" x 31-11/16"

  • Panel facing Animal made with 1/8” Aluminum Plate.

  • Cut to size with various holes and patterns provided for equipment placement.

  • All sharp edges knocked down.

  • Formed sides to help prevent animals from reaching electrical components.

  • A Monitor Mounting Frame provided with mounting holes for Monitor.

  • Monitor Frame has horizontal rods in various places to protect Monitor.

  • Monitor Frame is welded to Alcohol Panel.

  • Large Hole cut out to match size of Monitor.

  • Alcohol Panel slides into existing slide guides on Cages.

  • Wall Lock Rails provided to attach Socialization Racks to room wall.

  • Fasteners, brackets and spacers provided for attachment.


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