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Custom Transport Cart

Catalog #48280


  • Stainless Steel Construction.  Approx. weight is ~75pds.

  • Box Tube Frame construction. 16ga. SS Sheet walls, Top Cover and Front Door.

  • Overall Dimensions ~23-1/4” wide x 22” long x 48” tall.

  • Supported on (2) 5” SS Caster Wheels.

  • Removable Waste Pan.  Ledge provided to support Restraint Cage over Waste Pan.

  • Front of Cage has support bar that rests on floor when standing still.

  • Perforated Side Panels on sides of Box and Lid provides ventilation.

  • Stainless Handle provided that will help support and latch Top Cover of Cage.

  • Top Cover and Front Door to have secure Latches.

  • “D” Rings provided to strap Restraint Chair to inside of Transfer Cage at 7” and 10”.

  • Box designed to house existing NHP Restraint Chair



Animal Transport Cart

Catalog #35617


Constructed of Stainless Steel.


A handle is supplied to easily manuever the cart when the bin is full.


A sturdy Rubbermaid tub holds anesthetized animals securely, and a HEPA filter is installed on the lid for airflow.


A shelf on the bottom is sloped for drainage.


The HEPA filter is locked into a hinged lid. The filter can be easily replaced and cleaned.


Cart sits on 4" Poly stem casters.


A Stainless Steel box can be made in place of the Rubbermaid tub if desired.




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