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Specimen Collection Cage

Catalog #38169


The Specimen Collection Cage is used for training animals to receive injections, or collect specimens. The small doors on both sides of the cage provide an access big enough for the technician to work, and the openings are small enough that the animal cannot get out.


All Stainless Steel Construction


The cage is supported on 4" Poly rolling casters.


Handles on both ends of the cart are for easy maneuverability.


Cage Wire is .162 Dia. Welded Stainless Steel.


Horizontal full size animal door on the front of the cage.


Two small horizontal doors on each side of the cage.


Squeeze back and latching angles guided by plastic bearings for quiet operation.


Removable locking waste pan.


Cage shown is 24" Tall x 24" Deep x 24" Wide. Custom sizes are available.


See our Small Specimen Collection Cage.


Cart has two shelves.

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