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Threshold Crawler Catalog #38446

The Threshold Crawler is designed to lift Racks up and over a Bio threshold / door flange without having to enter the room.


- The Crawler can easily lift each pair of casters over a 2" threshold. It is counter-weighted for lifting.


- The Crawler is easily sanitized, and can store flat up against a wall.


- The Crawler is rigidly constructed with a 2" Stainless Steel frame, 1-1/4" Stainless Steel handles, and large 8" diameter casters.


- The lift pin of the Crawler nests in the locating chocks on the caster base frame of the rack, they are on the front and rear of each rack. A UHMW slide guide helps locate pins along the caster base frame.


- Bead blasted to a matte finish.


- This model is made to fit on Catalog #38211 Rabbit Bio-Containment Chamber & #38587 Stack able Bio-Containment Chambers. Racks in your facility can be fitted with the necessary components to use a Threshold Crawler. Please contact us with your needs.


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