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Bio-Containment Housing

Catalog # 35552


-  The Bio Containment module allows the housing of NHP's in a microbiological environment that can operate at a BSL-3 level independent from surrounding units or facility air handling equipment.

-  All doors and openings have mechanical devices for seal compression.

-  Room air is drawn into the cage through a HEPA filter on the front door.

-  A flow indicator shows the fan is operating and the status of the filter. 

-  A removable fan module filters cage air before being exhausted back into the room.

- A full opening hinged cage door and sliding floor grate facilitate the entry and removale of sedated animals.

Cage Specifications:

Each Cage is 6.5 Ft.2
All Stainless Steel and Lexan Material
Suitable for 250F Autoclave


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