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Metabolism Pan Cartridge


Catalog # 48016

  • Designed to fit existing Socialization Racks with Removable Telescoping Floors.

  • Same footprint as Removable Telescoping Floor Cartridges.

  • Size of Cartridge is 29-1/4” wide x 31-3/4” long x 5-3/4” tall.

  • Full 1” x 1” Wire Panel Floor provided.

  • Seaboard bearing surface to slide into mid-section of Rack. (like floor cartridges)

  • 1/8” SS Formed Channel Frame work. (like floor cartridges)

  • A 16ga. SS Metabolism Waste Pan provided, sloped to the front of the cartridge.

  • A center drain provided at front of Metabolism Pan for point of collection.

  • All sharp edges removed and cartridge is bead blasted to a matte finish.

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