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Swine Pen Catalog # 42194

Featuring our fully collapsible technology this unique swine pen is a result of our creative design process with the customer. Supported by 5” casters and sitting only 1” off the ground flooring was intentionally omitted from the design; to allow the existing floor and drainage systems of the facility to be utilized. The interior floor space provides 24 square foot. A center divider allows the pen to be separated to two sections. Two man doors on front of the pen open similar to French doors, and allow access to both sections when center divider is in use. Feed trough and water bowl is provided for both sections. Measuring 56” deep when fully set up the pen collapses to 24” for safe transport and 15” for storage. Wall lock mechanism and bumpers on the rear allow the pen to be securely attached to facility wall.


  • All #304 stainless steel

  • Approximate dimensions: 70” wide x 56” deep x 60” tall

  • Wall lock rod and latching mechanism included

  • Bead blasted to a matte finish

  • Heavy duty latches and provisions for pad locks


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