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Fixed Enrichment Pen Catalog #49879


  • Fixed Pens made with 304 Stainless Steel materials.

  • Framing made with 1” x 1” x 18ga. SS Box Tube, all seams welded.

  • Panels are modular for easy assembly and disassembly.

  • Stainless Steel Fasteners provided for assembly.

  • Designed to pair with other like Pens along a wall.

  • Pens will connect to each other and be anchored to floor and walls of room.

  • Final Overall dimensions of individual Pens will depend on customer approval.

  • Conceptual Design has size of Pens at ~55-1/2” wide x 48-1/2” deep x 102” tall.

  • Each Pen custom designed to best suit the needs of the customer.  


Various Enrichment Devices Included:

  • Fixed Ladders on walls. 

  • Various Climbing Pegs and Climbing Bars shared between Pens.

  • Fixed (rigid) and/or Flexible (loose) Bridges that span width of each Pen.

  • Primate Swings.  Attached to Ceiling Panels.


Optional Enrichment Devices – Additional Costs:

  • Optional Addition Removable Feed Boxes.  Can be located anywhere on the front of Pen.

  • Optional Addition Foraging Boards.  Provides enrichment with use of foods spread onto surface of turf material.

  • Optional Addition Climbing Poles.  Attached to Ceiling Panels for a floating enrichment device.

  • Optional Addition Ferris Wheels.  Floor Model that is positioned inside the Pen floor.

  • Optional Addition Swimming Pools.  Placed on floor of Pens.

Image Gallery #49879 Click on any image to see its full view

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