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Baboon Cages Catalog # 43940

  • Configuration allows for Horizontal Pairing and increased vertical space.

  • Overall size of rack is ~48” Wide x 40” Deep x 83-3/4” Tall.

  • Each cage has 10.75 sq. ft. of floor area based on outside of frame dim. of 39”w x 40d”.

  • Interior height of each cage is 78” minimum.

  • Each rack is supported on SS Casters with 4” Dia. X 2” wide wheels, sealed SS bearings, #4.05109.925. Front casters have the Tech Lock Brakes # BRK2.

  • The caster base frame is fabricated of 1-1/4” square SS tube and 1/8” formed angle.

  • All metal components are #304 Stainless Steel.

  • Polished Latches provided. (Latches not to be bead blasted with Unit)

  • A Hinged Man Door provided on front of Unit with secure SS Latch/Lock.

  • Man Door has 3/8” Dia. Vertical Rods on 1-1/2” Center spacing.

  • The primary frame members are fabricated of 1/8” thick SS plate.

  • Cage back is 16 Ga. SS sheet.

  • A sloping waste pan on the floor is fabricated of 16 Ga. SS sheet.

  • Fixed Vertical Rod Side Panels are between the Top and Bottom dividers and above the Caster Base Frame are 3/8” dia. with a 3/8”dia. perimeter rod.

  • Heavy Duty Waterline is hinged for easy maintenance and drain to front of Unit.

  • Waterlines include Edstrom Fittings, Drinking Valves, Quick Disconnect and Drain.

  • A Squeeze Back and Double Handle Pull, glide on Bearing Blocks for smooth operation.

  • (4) Horizontal Socialization Dividers included on each side of Cage (1 LH, 1 RH)

  • Dividers are self storing with no parts to remove and glide on Bearing Blocks.

  • Both RH/LH Dividers consist of a Grooming Contact with 3/8” Dia. SS Vertical Rods on a1-1/2” Center spacing.

  • Lock Tabs provided at each Divider Handle for added security.

  • A Horizontal Sliding Animal Door provided on Front Man Door with secure SS Latch.  The Animal Door will be designed to match Transfer Box already in use.

  • Wall Lock Mechanism and Wall Bumpers provided.

  • Approval Drawings to be provided prior to fabrication and a prototype phase is optional.

  • All units are bead blasted to a matte finish.

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