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Panther Transport Crate

Catalog #49660


  • Tig/Mig welded with light weight, corrosion resistant Aluminum.

  • Approx. overall size of Unit is ~36” wide x 66” lg. x 42” tall.  (no casters)

  • Inside Crate dimensions are ~32” wide x 63-1/2” lg. x 36” tall.

  • Skid area under Crate to provide fork pockets for a forklift.

  • (2) Handles on each side of Crate for manual lifting.

  • Handles positioned at ~6” and ~24” above ground level.

  • Handles run horizontally down the length of the crate.

  • (1) Stainless Steel Food / Water Bowl provided.  Exterior Water Fill Tube provided.

  • Side walls will have multiple 2-12” diameter (perforated) ventilation openings.

  • Solid panel Top provided.

  • (2) Guillotine Style sliding doors at both ends with latches and lock tabs for pad locks.

  • Guillotine Doors to have various height adjustments and slide on plastic bearing blocks.

  • Guillotine Doors to have multiple 2-12” diameter (perforated) ventilation openings.

  • Removable Waste Pan provided for easy cleaning.

  • Various Lock Tabs provided for security.

  • (1) Feed Door located on upper area of crate at one end.

  • Size of Unit and Design can be customized to better suit your needs.

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