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Socialization Rack  Catalog #38760

The Socialization Rack system is constructed of stainless steel.


The rack is pairable both vertically and horizontally, and has two perches in each cage. Socialization panels are provided on each side for 3 phases of interaction. The cage door is on hinges, and can be fully opened, it contains an integrated horizontal sliding animal door. Metabolic pans can be used on both cages. There is a push handle at the rear of the rack. A food box, and foraging tray are provided.


There is an access door on the front of the cage for biscuit retrieval or specimen collection.


All pairing components are completely self contained. The waste pan, upper floor, and lower ceiling telescopes to the rear for vertical pairing.


The Socialization Rack pairs with a Play Cage, giving opportunity for maximum socialization for the animals.


Cage Specifications:

Each cage is 10.75 Ft.2
Latching Squeeze System
Suitable for 250F Autoclave
Stainless Steel Water System


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