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Socialization Rack  Catalog #38920 (#41848 also shown below)

The 12.25 Sq Ft One over One Socialization Rack is constructed of Stainless Steel. The Unit allows both horizontal and vertical pairing. Socialization panels are provided on each side of the cages for three phases of interaction. The cage doors are on hinges and can be fully opened, they contain a integrated horizontal animal door.

A resting platform made of plastic is fixed in the corner, and a linear perch with thermal neutral plastic is fixed along one side of the cage. Plastic is used to keep a warmer temperature, and is more comfortable for the animal. Each cage has a fully operable squeeze, that securely lock and latch into place. A wire back is provided for more light and visibility in the cage. Foraging boards and wire food boxes are provided.

The vertical pairing cartridge feature is self contained, and can be removed. The top cage floor and waste pan telescope to the rear of the cage. This allows the waste in the top waste pan to flow to the rear trough. Latches secure the floor in place. A mid-section door on the front of the cage allows added security, and is used to lock a metabolic pan in place (optional).

The top cage has a veranda that allows for expansion of space for the animals.

If the mid-section cartridge is removed a Climbing Pole, or Swimming Pool can be inserted for animal enrichment, it attaches at the top and bottom of the Unit. (Climbing Pole pictured to the right)

Cage Specifications:
Approx dims: 83" T x 46" D x 44" W
Each cage is 12.25 Ft.2
Latching Squeeze System
Suitable for 250F Autoclave
Stainless Steel Water System
4" Casters

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