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Socialization Rack Catalog #35649

The Socialization Rack system is constructed of stainless steel. The rack is pairable both vertically and horizontally, and has two 5-bar perches. The squeeze is operated with one pull handle and doubles as a 5-bar perch. Socialization panels are provided on each side for 2 phases of interaction. The cage door is on hinges, and can be fully opened, it contains an integrated guillotine animal door. Metabolic pans can be used on both cages. A wire back is provided for more light and visiblity in the cage. A stationary food box is included.


Cage Specifications:

Each cage is 6.25 Ft.2
Latching Squeeze System
Suitable for 250F Autoclave
Stainless Steel Water System
4 " Faultless Casters




The 5-bar perch is integrated into the squeeze. Squeeze back and dividers glide on UHMW bearings for a smooth and quiet operation.

Racks can be infinitely paired. The divider design limits animal contact between cages above and below all dividers. This helps prevent injuries to animals when they are in close proximity to one another before pairing. Solid privacy panels are provided as well.

The back of the cages are open allowing more light into the cage. The waterline is on the side of the cage, making it easy to check the watervalves.

The floor of the top cage is telescoping, and can be opened and closed without removing any parts. This photo shows the cage floor open for vertical pairing.

This photo shows the cage floor closed. The floor material is 3/4" half round rods.

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