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One over One Racks & Cages Catalog #38770

The One over One Rack is constructed of Stainless Steel. The Rack is pairable horizontally to another Rack or a Play Cage. A 4-Bar linear perch is provided in each cage. Dividers are included on either side of cage for various levels of animal interaction.


Cages are fixed on rack. A fixed sloping waste pan drains into the waste trough on the back of the rack.


Various sizes and configurations available.


The One over One Rack can be paired with a Play Cage (pictured below) or with a Vertical Tunnel, for maximum room for animals.


Rack and Cage Specifications:

Each cage is 6.25 Ft.2
Latching Squeeze System
Suitable for 250F Autoclave
Stainless Steel Water System
4" SS Casters


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