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Adult Paired Housing Catalog #40437 & #40465

6.0 Ft. Sq. Paired Cage 40465 and Rack System 40437 (shown)


  • Dividers are installed in slide tracks attached to each cage.

  • Each cage is easily removable from the rack.

  • Each cage has perch and squeeze system.

  • The rack has pre-piped automatic watering system, one fitting penetrating the back of each cage.

  • The watering system is complete with quick disconnect fitting and drain valve.

  • The sloping stationary waste tray (for wet system) drains into a gutter in the floor.

  • The lower waste tray (for wet system) discharges directly into the gutter in the floor.

  • A wall lock mechanism secures the rack and cages to the wall.  A bumper contacts the wall.

  • A shallow pan (for dry bedding) can easily be positioned and removed from under each cage.


Rack dimensions are: 79" Tall x 39" Deep x 63" Wide.
Cage dimensions are: 36" Tall x 30" Deep x 29" Wide.

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