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Swine Cage


Catalog # 42843

Constructed of all #304 stainless steel, the swine cage offers 8 square feet of interior floor space. Cage walls consist of 3/8” diameter rod on 1-1/2” center; including an access door on the front of the cage. The access door includes a removable “J” feeder box that sits approximately 5” off of the ground.

An adjustable waterline with a quick disconnect and drain can also be found on the access door. There is no top frame member on the access door. This allows a person to walk through upright.

Pairing mechanism and removable side panels allow multiple cages to be combined, and increase square footage. Provisions for a center divider are present, allowing the cage to be separated into two sections. Waste deflector / splash guard is located at the rear of the cage.


  • Overall dimensions: 34” wide x 40” deep x 56” tall

  • Aqua Grate Flooring

  • 5” SS Casters, two locking

  • Bead Blasted to a matte finish

  • Autoclavable




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