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Wildlife Transport Crate

Catalog #49895


  • Aluminum and Stainless-Steel Construction. (latches, screw drive and welded wire are stainless)

  • Aluminum framework with aluminum panels.

  • Overall Dimensions ~28” wide x 41” long x 32” tall.

  • Removable Vertical Rods provided on one side Transport Crate.

  • Squeeze Panel has fixed rods and is operated by a screw drive system with crank handle.

  • Crank Handle can be removed if needed.

  • Aluminum Pocket Sleeves provided to slide rod handle through to carry Crate.

  • Aluminum Guillotine Door provided at one end of Crate with secure latch and pad lock tabs.

  • Guillotine Door will have SS Wire Mesh Panel for ventilation and visibility.

  • Guillotine Door slides in UHMW Plastic Channel Slide Guides and has access port.

  • Small Access Port provided on back of Crate with secure latch, opposite door end.

  • Removable Side Covers provided over Wire Mesh Panels with ventilation holes.

  • Threaded Couplings provided on frame to allow straps to be attached.

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