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Bear Resistant Garbage Dumpster

Catalog # 49283


  • All 304 Stainless Steel construction.

  • Design will lend itself to the existing equipment currently being used to dump bins.

  • A potential modular / collapsible design to reduce shipping costs.

  • Small amount of assembly may be required on site, which may include welding.

  • Approximate size is 54” Wide x 75” Long, To Be Determined, to fit existing equipment.

  • Garbage Bin to have skid feet rather than casters.

  • Main Top Door to hinge open when dumping bin.

  • Hinged Top Door provided with secure unique Bear Proof Lock. 

  • Pressure release lock design.

  • This lock will automatically unlock when dump truck picks up bin to dump and automatically re-lock when dump truck returns garbage bin to ground.

  • Smaller Door within the Top Door for access to throw trash into garbage bin.

  • Smaller Door may hinge or slide side to side depending on best design option.

  • Smaller Door to have secure Bear Proof Lock.

  • Fork Pockets for existing equipment to continue dumping in same fashion.

  • Small Hole provided in the bottom of Locker to allow liquids to drain out.

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