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Battery Backup


Carter2 Systems, Inc. has developed a Battery Backup to be used with the Bio-Containment Units or Animal Transport Carts.


Features Include:

  • Rugged Stainless Steel construction

  • A touch control panel can be hand sanitized

  • Automated fan controls adjust fan speed to provide the required air changes per hour, independent of state battery, or HEPA air filters

  • Can operate fan and charge battery at the same time

  • LEDs indicate state of battery charge

  • Visual and Audible alarm indicates when battery is low, or fan operation is abnormal

  • Battery can be fully charged in 5 hours or less

  • When battery is fully charged, it can sustain the Bio-Containment air flow for 8 hours or more


Existing Bio-Containment fan units can be converted to operate with the Battery Backup.



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