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8sf Socialization Racks

Catalog #39001

The Socialization Rack system is constructed of stainless steel.

The rack is pairable both vertically and horizontally, and has one perch in each cage. Socialization panels are provided on one side. The cage door is on hinges, and can be fully opened, it contains an integrated guillotine style animal door. Metabolic pans can be used on both cages. There is a push handle at the rear of the rack.


A single handed squeeze pull also acts as a perch. The squeeze is operated by pulling the perch, it glides smoothly and quietly on Tivar Hot Plastic.


There is an access door on the front of the cage for biscuit retrieval or specimen collection.


Rack has a dry waste systems. The mid section floor and waste pan are removable.


Cage Specifications:

Each cage is 8.0 Ft.2
Latching Squeeze System
Suitable for 250F Autoclave
Stainless Steel Water System
4 " Casters


8sf Socialization Rack  Catalog #46268

  • One-Over-One Configuration for horizontal and vertical pairing.

  • Overall height of rack is 83-7/8” to pass through an 84” tall door opening.

  • Overall width is approx. 40-1/8” and an overall depth of approx. 40-7/8”.

  • Each cage has 8 sq. ft. of floor area based on outside of frame dim. of 36” x 32”.

  • Interior height of each cage is 36” tall.

  • Swivel Casters with 5” Dia. X 2” wide polyurethane wheels. Front casters w/brakes.

  • Doors are constructed of ½” diameter rod with 1” x 1” and 1”x 2” Welded Wire.

  • A Guillotine Door provided, made with ¼” Dia. Rod 18” x 12” Door with 1” Openings.

  • Both Upper and Lower Doors will be constructed the same.

  • Base Frame made of 1-1/4” x 1-1/4” x .083wall SS Box Tube.

  • Other primary frame members are fabricated of 1/8” thick SS plate.

  • All cage backs and waste pans are fabricated with 20 Ga. SS sheet.

  • Waterline provided with Quick Disconnect and drain.  Drinking Valves in each Cage.

  • Robust Squeeze Back Assembly with UHMW Bearing Blocks gliding over SS Rods.

  • Single Handed Squeeze Pull that doubles as a linear perch, with same perch design on other side of cage, using ¾” Round Stainless Tube approximately 36” long.

  • Mid section allows introduction or removal of floor, ceiling and waste pan items for vertical socialization.  The floor of the top cage is connected to the ceiling of the bottom cage allowing the waste pan to be removed randomly.  This area secured with latch.

  • Heavy duty tandem door lock with pad lock tab.

  • Solid Sliding Divider on one side and a Lexan Sliding Divider on the other.

  • Handle/Bumper provided on Rear of Unit, helps to pair Racks together via brackets.

  • Upgraded Latches on removable floors.


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